Three projects are funded as part of the center. In a study led by the University of Miami, we will develop new statistical methods to predict risk of disparities, starting with cervical cancer. Vanderbilt University Medical Center will examine genetic risk factors contributing to health disparities and will characterize the relative contribution of genetic risk factors for asthma and pre-term birth, two conditions with substantial disparities in health outcomes among African Americans and Latinos. Vanderbilt University will lead a study of person-specific obesity treatment for African American and Latino Men.

Person-specific obesity treatment for middle-aged African American and Latino men

The Center for Research on Men’s Health at Vanderbilt University is a university-wide research center with a two-pronged …

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Using a Biobank and Electronic Health Records to Characterize Genome Variation Affecting Health Disparities

The goals of this project are to build resources that make it easier to identify the genetic component to observed health …

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Precision Disparity Modeling of Cervical Cancer Survival Using Genomic and Social Determinants

This project aims to better understand why certain population sub-groups persistently contribute to excess cancer risk…

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